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Peaceful Confidence

Peaceful confidence in your own power. Recently I was asked, “What is the one thing you want to help your clients achieve?”  My answer:  For all of my clients to come away from coaching with a peaceful confidence in their power.  What does that mean? It’s when you know you deserve that promotion and you […]

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You’re Stuck – Now What?

She walked in my office smiling and exuding confidence.  She was bright, engaging and seemed to have things under control.  Then as we talked about her situation, she expressed a doubt.  Then a tear came to her eyes.  Then it all came pouring out.  She was frustrated, tired, confused, and felt stuck.   And that’s when […]

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The Power of The Question

When I became a coach, I had to shift my perspective.  As an executive, I was accustomed to (and very comfortable with) giving answers to someone else’s questions.  I mentored many people who came to me for advice and I always had a suggestion for their situation.  Most of us like to demonstrate our knowledge […]

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The Wisdom of Uncertainty

We don’t take enough risk. One piece of consistent guidance from those with successful lives and careers is to be willing to embrace new opportunities. This often requires taking on some risk. While some define risk as “exposure to the chance of injury or loss; a hazard or dangerous chance”, others consider risk to be […]

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Lead to Learn

My daughter-in-law sat face to face with my granddaughter, Macie, on the couch.  Macie was around four at the time and had had a rough day, apparently making poor choices.  Her mom was calm, rational, and focused, explaining the seriousness of Macie’s choices and their consequences.  It was clearly an important parenting moment. She finished […]

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The August Refresher

I’m glad August is here.  It’s been an incredible, and at times pretty trying few months in my household.  (For those of you who are regular readers of my newsletter, you’ll notice I’ve not published one since April.  That’s an indication of something!)  But August is here and I’m finding it relaxing.  I know, for […]

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Observations from Inside a Pandemic

We’re over a year into the COVID-19 pandemic.  Some days it feels like it all happened yesterday.  Other days it feels like we’ve been in this situation forever.  It’s scary how this is beginning to feel normal. One thing of which I am certain…I’ve had much more time to reflect on and observe my reactions […]

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Your Difference is Your Destiny

In his book, The Success Commandments, Devon Franklin writes “[Blending in] is the safer road, but it’s not the one that leads to success.”   I would suggest that blending in actually makes you vulnerable in your career.  Those who blend in are overlooked for promotions and forgotten when new and exciting positions open. At […]

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Will You Be Missed?

When I wondered if I would be missed before I left my corporate job, I was reminded that if you put your fist in a bucket of water and pull it out, the water fills in where your fist once was.  For most of us, if we leave our position, the company will continue without […]

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A Life of Caution

At first, I could only come up with a few names. The longer I thought about it, the longer the list grew…and grew. For some, I could only remember faces. For others, I could remember only the meeting or the circumstance. Some were good friends. When I would think back to the individual conversations, sometimes […]

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