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Will You Be Missed?

When I wondered if I would be missed before I left my corporate job, I was reminded that if you put your fist in a bucket of water and pull it out, the water fills in where your fist once was.  For most of us, if we leave our position, the company will continue without […]

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A Life of Caution

At first, I could only come up with a few names. The longer I thought about it, the longer the list grew…and grew. For some, I could only remember faces. For others, I could remember only the meeting or the circumstance. Some were good friends. When I would think back to the individual conversations, sometimes […]

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Overwhelmed and Underappreciated

Overwhelmed. It’s the most frequent response when I ask the women in my programs, “How are you feeling today?” Consistently, time and again, that’s the response. “There’s just too much to do.” Men are busy too, but I have never heard a man say he felt overwhelmed. Why is that? As women, we take on […]

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