Group Programs

Susan offers a wide variety of group programs and seminars, small group coaching circles,  and extended workshops!

Building the Foundation

Group Programs/ Seminars

These programs for large groups can be held at conferences, or on-site, with your company or organization. Possible topics include:

  • Creating Your Career Opportunities: 3 Key Skills to Getting What You Want
  • Know Where You Add Value
  • Build Your Career Foundation
  • Communications Skills to Advance Your Career
  • Gender Communications…And How They Confuse Us in Business
  • Developing Advocates for Your Career

Small Group Coaching Circles

These are series of in-person coaching sessions for small groups (4 – 8) women. Women meet once a month, in addition to individual professional coaching with Susan.  Coaching circles typically include four group sessions in each series. Each group session covers a subtopic related to the theme of the series, along with new topics suggested by the group

All workshops are interactive and designed for participants to come away with new insights and skills that they can apply immediately.

Extended Workshops

Susan also offers extended, one- to two-hour workshops! These can be at conferences or on-site, at your company or organization. Possible topics include:

  • Gender Communications (And How our differences confuse us in Business)
  • Communication Skills to Advance Your Career


For more information on any of Susan’s services, or if you have any questions, email us at [email protected]!


  • Watch this space for upcoming virtual workshops!