1. Introduction
  2. The Delicate Balance Between Grace and Accountability
  3. The Delicate Balance Between Transparency and Confidentiality
  4. The Delicate Balance Between Likeability and Friendship

Leadership requires balance.  The leader is the one with ultimate responsibility, but is not in total control.  In fact, if you think you can control your employees with a command and control style, you’re going to find that just doesn’t work with today’s employees.  

On the other hand, a leader can’t be passive or too hands off.  People want standards, guidance and well.. leadership. 

In this series of posts we’ll explore some of the more delicate balances a leader has to manage.  It’s only in a few circumstances that extreme styles are required.  Most of what we do every day in business requires a balancing act.  I hope you enjoy these topics!  If you have other leadership balancing topics, please email them to me at [email protected].

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Susan Hodge

Susan Hodge

Susan Hodge created Women Leading Together in order to provide one-on-one executive coaching, seminars, workshops, and coaching circles to help career women move forward to create fulfilling professional lives. Visit our website for upcoming programs, articles, and resources to advance your career.


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