Diana Featherston

Women in the Workplace – The Broken Rung

McKinsey recently published their ninth Women in the Workplace survey results and once again women are still lagging behind in corporate America. In particular, women of color face the hardest uphill battle. This year’s survey debunked some myths and added a new perspective that got my attention. While there has been progress for women at […]

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Stuck? Shift Your Career Perspective

Not long ago, I spoke with a woman who had recently made a career change. During her transition period, she decided to take a photography class. As we spoke, she had an “aha!” moment. “Taking this class helped me to reframe situations and see them differently – both figuratively and literally!” She was learning to […]

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In the Heat of the Night: Staying Cool at the Office

The heat this summer has been oppressive! It has robbed me of any desire to be outside and has tapped my energy.  I’ve also noticed that it makes me more impatient. I guess being uncomfortable makes everything less bearable. Other than sweating at the gym, not much good comes from being hot, especially hot under […]

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Emotional Hazards to Your Success

The best decisions are made with a clear head: no emotional tugs, no buried resentments, no alternative agendas.  That’s the ideal.  Maintaining clarity is much easier to do when evaluating someone else’s proposal or working with someone you don’t know well. But it gets messy when dealing with people we know or if our views […]

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Are you TOO Busy?

My “to do” list is always long. In fact, I noticed not long ago that I rarely get everything on my list completed in a day. Upon reflection, I realized I was finding comfort in having a long list of things to do. I took a hard look and had to admit that I was […]

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Take a Moment to Breathe

When I begin a session with a coaching client I start by asking the client to “breathe deeply and slowly three times.” One day, I forgot to use the word “slowly”. One, two, three…my client was breathing…and sounded like she was hyperventilating. “Whoa!”, I told, her. “Slow down and try it again.” “Oh, that feels […]

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